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How the Short10 Ultimate Film Challenges are Different

Current timed film competitions or challenges concentrate more on the film makers and the rules of the specific challenge rather than the actual films as a product. They introduce ultra tight time constraints, lowering the overall quality of the final result, and introduce sometimes odd elements into the films, that require context explanation. These events also randomly assign film genres that do not play to the strengths of filmmakers experience and specific niche.

The outcome of this combination of constraints is unnecessarily inferior films requiring explanation, that are less free outside the specific film challenge, and therefore not worthy of screening in festivals or other venues.

Short10Cinema is drastically changing this equation, by creating a series of challenges that produce genre specific short films that stand alone as art and entertainment, opening screening opportunities far beyond the ultimate film competition.

To accomplish this, Short10Cinema has first lengthened the challenge duration from as little as 24 hours to universally 100 hours, while not lengthening the maximum film length. This allows filmmakers to concentrate more on the quality, and less on speed. Rather than assign film genres randomly, Short 10 Cinema has multiple challenges throughout the year that each concentrate on a specific genre. This focuses each challenge to the film creators that are specifically skilled in these film types, and capitalizes on an audience that is uniquely interested in each challenge.

Current Ultimate Film Competition genre’s for 2013 include:

  • Comedy/Dark Comedy : February
  • Music Video : April
  • Horror : June
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • Drama

The “Best of” in each competition receive awards based on the following categories:

  • Best Director
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Actor/Actress
  • Best Supporting Actor/Actress
  • Best Costume/Makeup
  • Best Screenplay

Short 10 Cinema Film Festival

Each film season will culminate in the Short10Cinema Film Festival held once each year. The “Best Of Show” of each competition will be judged and the winners screened at the short 10 Cinema Film Festival. At the end of the festival, one film is selected by the audience as the “Best Film” for that season.

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