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Meet the Producers

Jonathan Holbrook

Executive Producer

Jonathan Holbrook is a 1996 graduate of the University of Washington Film Extension program. He is the founder of the award winning multimedia firm, Tall Taurus Media, LLC and indie film company, Chronicle Factory. He wrote produced and directed the feature, CUSTOMER 152 which was Best Feature at the NW Projections Film Festival, Official Selection at the New York Independent Film Festival and Homegrown NW Film Festival. Holbrook’s offbeat short film, PUNKIN, received Award of Merit in the Best Shorts Competition.

Sam Samano

Film Festival Coordinator / Producer

Sam Samano serves on the board of directors for The Everett Historic Theatre, Rogue Theatre, and was formerly a director for the NW Savoyards Musical Theatre Society. A skilled actor, director and musician, Ms. Samano is equally at home on stage, dazzling a crowd, or managing from behind the curtain.

Sam recently featured in Jonathan Holbrook’s short film, WHISKERS and award winning, PUNKIN.

Earl Gray


Earl Gray has had a distinguished executive career in automation and robotics, he has also performed as an actor and musician for over 3 decades.  Earl has created two successful businesses, eventually selling both to investor partners, allowing him to become both an investor, and also maintain his roots in in the arts, publishing industry articles, acting in commercials, stage plays and short films, as well as performing as the lead singer in the northwest band TrebleMaker.  Most recently, Earl played a supporting role in the Chronicle Factory short film, PUNKIN, which received Award of Merit in the Best Shorts Competition.

Kenneth Davenport


Ken Davenport is an Anacortes born and raised graphic designer, web developer and professional photographer. He co-owns and is the creative director of Steam Web Hosting and Blumun Photography. Ken is a Photoshop junkie… where there is a pen & tablet… there is a way.

MIchelle Westford

Short10TV Emcee

Michelle Westford hails from the Northwest and is a professional stand up comedian, actor & featured speaker.  She is our new news person for Short10TV, providing updates and interviews involving the film world around Short10Cinema.

Michelle has starred in films, local commercials and theater productions along with radio and voice over work.  Her Emcee & speaking skills have helped raised thousands of dollars for women’s wellness, the Homeless Endowment Fund, cancer research, homeless shelters, children’s sports programs and many more worthy causes.

Michelle’s first film experience was in 1999 working on Stephen King’s Rose Red.

She has worked behind the scenes on feature films, music videos, commercials for Nike & Coors, reality shows and independent films to expand her knowledge and full appreciation of the film making process. She also performed in Chronicle Factory’s short films, Whiskers and Punkin.

Robin McGee

Project Manager

Robin is a Computer Science graduate, and has been at, LLC since 1999, starting her career as a Project Engineer.  After moving on to manage software teams, she is currently a Technical Project Manager, working with other Amazonians around the globe to plan and execute world-class initiatives.  Robin works best under pressure…everything is possible, just give her a deadline!

Chris Venskus

Associate Producer

As a recent high school graduate, Chris has a passion for stage lighting and entertainment.  There are plans to attend Cornish Art College in Seattle to accomplish his lighting directing dream.  Chris is Short 10 Cinema’s “Jack Of All Trades” intern.  He recently had the job of Lighting Director and 1st AD for Chronicle Factory’s short film, WHISKERS, written, produced and directed by Jonathan Holbrook.

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